Hardest Platform Games

The hardest platform games are not easy to beat. These are the games that test your reflexes and your stamina. Some of the harder games require you to use every part of your body to move forward. You need to be very careful and nimble to be able to survive.

These games are also very challenging, so you need to be able to cope with frustration. However, there are also some games which are not as difficult. For instance, you can play Happy Wheels, Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy, and Battletoads.

Happy Wheels

Hardest Platform Games Happy Wheels
Happy Wheels

The difficult levels in Happy Wheels aren’t impossible to complete, but they require some skill and a little luck to make it to the end. The game even has a level creator, which users can use to create new levels. These levels can then be uploaded to a server to challenge other players. This allows for an almost endless supply of new levels to play.

The game features many different characters that are designed to kill you. Some of these include falling in pits, being hit by arrows, or being crushed by larger vehicles. The game even has ragdoll mechanics, so the player can end up in a funny death.

This game is one of the hardest platform games available. The difficulty levels are divided into two categories: Don’t Move and Drawn. Don’t Move levels are similar to Drawn Levels, but don’t move as the game is rendered differently on different devices. The latter levels use movement items to move the player, while Drawn levels are essentially drawn with a white background.

Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy

Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy is a platform game that was developed by Bennett Foddy. It was released as part of the Humble Monthly in October 2017 and has since attracted over 2.7 million players. The game features a variety of gameplay mechanics and is easy to pick up and play.

The game starts with a scene where you are climbing a mountain of garbage. You control a hammer and must use it to swing around the mountain to grab ledges and other objects. The game’s mountain is cruel, and it can send you back to the starting point.

Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy is a game about climbing mountains. You play as a character named Diogenes, a Greek mythological figure. You must use a hammer to lift your body to the top of a mountain. The game is played using a mouse, and Bennett Foddy’s voice commentary will provide a few philosophical quotes as you play. The game will increase in difficulty as you progress, and will end once you reach the highest point.

Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels

If you want a challenging platform game, try playing Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels. This 2D Mario game features stages that seem to be designed to make Mario fail. The stages also have many hazards and foes that are completely unpredictable. This makes the game especially difficult for first-timers. In order to master this game, you must be able to plan your approach and avoid falling into hidden corners.

The gameplay is similar to the original game, but the levels are much harder. While Mario and Luigi are still able to jump over enemies and collect stars, they can also attack from hidden areas. To avoid them, Mario can use special power-ups.

For example, he can use the Super Mushroom, which transforms him into Super Mario. This ability can help him survive a single hit. In addition, Super Mario is able to destroy empty bricks. Another powerful power-up in the game is the Fire Flower, which helps Mario fight enemies.

While Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels was considered a sequel to Super Mario Bros., it was actually an extension of the previous game. It introduced many new enemies and was also a precursor to the Kaizo subculture (developing ROM hacks with nearly impossible levels).

It was the best-selling game for the Disk System, selling more than 2.5 million copies. In addition to being one of the hardest platform games, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is considered one of the most challenging games ever made.


Battletoads is one of the most difficult platform games ever made. It’s a futuristic beat ’em up game with 16 insanely difficult levels. The difficulty levels are incredibly varied, making it hard to master the game in one sitting. It’s also considered one of the hardest games for NES.

You’ll need to spend weeks and months playing Battletoads to master its challenges. Many gamers have tried this game multiple times, giving up, and returning to it again. While they don’t always succeed, they often get one level further. But this is not to say that Battletoads is beyond your capabilities.

Battletoads is a remake of the original Battletoad, with a few improvements in graphics and controls. While the game is incredibly challenging, it also offers a rewarding experience. The game is simple enough to play at first, but it gets more difficult and frustrating as the game progresses.

Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts

Unlike other platform games, Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts offers an extremely high level of difficulty. Featuring death traps, bottomless pits, unrelenting hordes of enemies, and mind-twisting challenges, this game is one of the most difficult to beat on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Although it suffers from extreme slowdown, it has an excellent art direction and great use of Mode 7 scaling and rotation effects. The soundtrack is also memorable, and the game is well worth 800 Wii points. There are some glitches, but it is still a very challenging game that will challenge even the most experienced gamers.

The controls in this game are extremely difficult. Players must constantly adjust their jumps and learn to control Arthur. The game also features a unique double jump which can be changed only once both feet are on the ground again.


Celeste is a platformer with simple controls but a unique gameplay style. The game is divided into eight chapters, each with a different type of challenge. Chapter one starts with a level where you must jump through ruins of an abandoned city. The second chapter has you traversing through magical forcefields. These forcefields can help you ascend or hinder you. You can also dash to move in a different direction.

While the main campaign is hard, there are several optional content levels that make the game even harder. The optional content includes B-Sides, which are harder versions of each level. You must complete the main map before you can unlock these optional levels.

You can also unlock C-Sides, which contain more difficult levels. The game features music by Lena Raine and is as good in each level as it is in the main campaign.

Celeste’s art style is unique. It has a retro pixelated look that evokes a SNES-era game. While the color palette bleeds together in certain places, this adds a muddy flair to the game, which plays into the uncertainty of Madeline’s journey.


Rayman is a platform game which can be difficult to master. The game starts with a very limited set of abilities, and you have to do everything in the right way to defeat enemies. You can walk, jump, crouch, crawl, and grimace, but there is a limit to how far you can go in each level. In Rayman 3 you can also use your hair as a helicopter, which is an interesting feature.

While the game’s colourful levels and elaborate animations might make it look like a game aimed at children, it can be very challenging. The game may put off younger gamers, as they will give up after a few lives, but older gamers will find it a rewarding challenge. Although Rayman is an excellent game, it is quite difficult.

Rayman is a side-scrolling platform game. It was developed by Michel Ancel and published by Ubisoft. It features a cartoony hero named Rayman, who has to save his colorful world from a gang of villains.


Cuphead is a platforming game that is divided into a series of boss fights and run and gun platforming segments. When you successfully complete a stage without hitting an enemy, you receive the “Pacifist” mark. This level requires a lot of patience and practice to complete successfully.

Although Cuphead looks like a cartoon, it is a challenging game with many bosses and difficult puzzles. It requires a lot of concentration and precision, but the charm of the game comes from the fact that each level is unique and different. The game is a good choice for gamers who enjoy playing challenging platform games.

While playing Cuphead, you’ll discover that it is one of the hardest games of this generation. The gameplay requires timing and strategy, and there are many hidden bonus levels in the game.

Even though you’ll eventually reach the victory area, there are many times where you’ll die and have to restart from the beginning. This means that you need to be careful not to make a mistake, as even the tiniest miscalculation can throw you off.