How to Be the Best in Mobile Legends – 5 Facts to Know

Mobile Legends

Whether you’re just starting in Mobile Legends or a veteran, you’re probably wondering how to become the best player in the game. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you out.


Assassins are a vital part of Mobile Legends. They specialize in infiltrating, chasing, and killing enemy players. They are a hard-to-counter class and the most influential players in the game. They have high burst damage, but they can be tricky to play.

They have a limited amount of HP, so they must be careful with their positioning. They are also susceptible to bad timing. They only sometimes have the best skills, though.

The best Assassins in Mobile Legends are the ones who can carry the team and finish off the opponent. They can also be helpful in the early game. In addition, they are versatile and can play many roles on the team. They can push objectives, kill sharpshooters, and kill the backline.

In the current meta, the best Assassins are Saber, Lancelot, Fanny, and Gusion. Saber is effective against Mages and Tanks. Lancelot has the best mobility and burst damage but lacks crowd-control capabilities.

Fanny is a great hunter and supporter. And Gusion has a complex skill set to master, but he is great for clearing a lane and grabbing fragile enemies.

The best Assassins in Mobile legends are also the ones who have the most damage. Lancelot, Fanny, and Gusion are the top marksmen in the game. They can kill the strongest and weakest heroes. The other assassins are a bit softer, but they can be a good support.

Assassins are a challenging class to play, and they need the skill to be practical. If you are playing an assassin, you must be careful with your positioning and timing. You also need to use the right skills at the right time to impact the game significantly.


Those who play Mobile Legends will agree that the tank is one of the best roles to play. Tanks are great at taking essential hits, mitigating damage, and protecting teammates. They can also act as initiators, disrupting the enemy jungle and protecting the frontline.

Tanks also play a significant role in determining which team wins a battle. If you can secure a lord or turtle for your team, the rest of the fight will be much easier. Tanks are also known to be tougher to kill.

The best tank of the bunch is Uranus. He is known for his high regen and damage output, making him a nightmare for Marksman heroes. This is not surprising, given his passive ability increases survivability.

Another noteworthy tank is Grock. He is known for his durability, crowd control abilities, and ability to pull enemies close with the CC above. His ultimate is also impressive.

Tanks are important in Mobile Legends and can be tough to kill. They are also a necessary part of a team. They must know when to engage in a battle, what to secure, and what moments to take advantage of.

There are many tank options, but only a few stand out. Depending on your team’s playstyle, the best tank will likely combine the best and most obvious ones. Whether you are a casual or professional player, investing in tank heroes is the best way to build a compelling roster.

Other tank hero options are a bit more challenging to master. Gloo, for example, is a unique tank hero that can be used as an exp laner or roaming support. He is also known for his complicated skill combinations, so you may want to devote months to mastering his skills.


During playing Mobile Legends, you may have heard of the support role. It is a fun and less taxing role. This role aims to shield teammates and prevent enemies from reaching the team’s Base. Support characters can perform well in virtually any game.

While there is no single hero that can do it all, there are a few heroes that can be considered the top of the class. These heroes can provide the most benefits to the team in the long run.

The best Support-Assassin in Mobile Legends is Mathilda. This hero boasts impressive mobility and well-rounded damage output. Mathilda’s Passive skill provides an ally with an extra item slot and an additional flicker. Mathilda is also a reasonably reliable opponent, as she has an irritating kit that can be used to harass Junglers.

The best Support-Healer in Mobile Legends is Estes. This hero has a well-rounded skill set, including Healing, CC, and crowd control. Estes is also a good choice for a mobile team. He can use his Heartguard to protect an ally and provide CC effects with his Puppet-on-a-string and Love Waves.

Aside from the support-healer, a few other support characters can be cut. These heroes are a bit more difficult to counter than their counterparts. They are also a lot less damaging. A good Mobile Legends Support Healer will be able to reclaim team hit points and give your team a boost.

Finding the best Mobile Legends Support Healer that suits your team’s needs is possible. Aside from the CCs, other skills help protect your team, such as the ability to stun opponents with Holy Baptism.


Getting to the top in Mobile Legends is not a task to be taken lightly. While the game offers a wide variety of characters, a few tips can help you rise to the top.

An excellent first step is to choose a beginner-friendly mage. These characters are less potent than the skilled player but can still have a considerable impact.

A mage plays a vital role in any team composition. It can swing the momentum of a game by correctly timing an ability. It is also hard to counter.

A mage can also be a good support character. Her spells can keep a teammate alive while also providing crowd control.

A good example is Eudora. She has a high burst ability that can damage multiple enemies at once. This ability is great at disrupting an enemy team.

A mage is also a great way to learn the Mobile Legends mechanics. This class can help you clear waves, stay out of harm’s way, and secure objectives.

Pro players even choose some Mobile Legends mages. The best mage in the game is Esmeralda, but you can only jump in and start playing. You need to learn the role and understand the rotations first.

While some players believe that mages are a waste of time, they can significantly impact a team. They can help you clear waves and harass opponents in the lane.

These heroes are not as durable as tanks, but they can help protect other heroes in team fights. They are also good at pushing towers. They can also be used as a long-range carry.

Many other factors come into play when a match is serious.


Having the best Mobile Legends players has helped their teams win tournaments. They are also some of the most significant assets in the mobile legends community. If you are a mobile legends player, here are some things you need to bring to your team.

One of the most popular players in the Mobile Legends community is Michael ‘MobaZane’ Cosgun. This American player has a huge fan base in the Mobile Legends community.

He is a professional Mobile Legends: Bang Bang player. He is also the leader of BloodThirstyKings. His team beat Blacklist International to win the M3 World Championship. The team won $80,000 and $300,000. He was also a part of BloodThirstyKings’s team at the M3 World Championship in Singapore.

In Mobile Legends, players must predict where their enemies will go. They also need to use their skills to lock on to their opponents. They should also remember to destroy their enemy’s Turrets. This can help the team push toward the Base.

Kiel”OHEB” Soriano is one of the world’s most talented mobile legends players. He has been in the professional league since 2020 and is regarded as one of the best snipers in the game. He has won several awards during his short time in the company. He is also known for his quick predictions and accurate anticipations.

He is currently undergoing training for a broader range of hero choices. He has also become a popular esports streamer. He is now trying out for EVOS Legends.

There are many other players in the Mobile Legends community. Some are better than others because of their skill set and move set. It is important to remember to take advantage of the heroes you get first.