Top 5 Best Need For Speed Games You Should Play

Need For Speed

You’ll love Need For Speed if you’re a racing fanatic. It embraces the culture of racing and puts you behind the wheel of a heavily modified Honda Integra R in a neon-drenched Olympic City. The game starts with a cutscene featuring neon, show cars, pumping hip-hop, and characters from The Fast and the Furious movies.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a first-person driving game with an open world. It features tons of races and a variety of cars and upgrades. The game has several modes: career mode, quick race, and challenge series. The game can be played in single-player or multiplayer mode.

The first Need for Speed was released in the mid-90s and quickly became one of the most popular racing games ever. It was developed by EA, which now owns the franchise. Although EA has taken over the development rights, the series has seen some ups and downs.

For example, the second Need for Speed: Underground is better. Still, it does offer a surprisingly unique racing experience. The game features individual race tracks and top-notch driving mechanics. It even received a VGX Award for Best Racing Game.

The game also includes a cop system, which makes it difficult to escape from an oncoming police pursuit. Players must use various techniques and strategies to evade and defeat the cops. The game also features open street racing and drag racing. As with previous installments, you’ll need to be fast to reach your goal.

The game features many vehicles and many different cars are featured. It features the Nissan GTR, considered the best Need for Speed car in the game. The game is also known for its garage mode, where you can customize your vehicle. The game sold seven million copies by 2004.

The game is similar to its predecessors but has improved graphics and physics. You can customize your car the way you want and even take down cop cars. This game is great for gamers looking for fast action and thrills.

Need for Speed: Undercover

In Need For Speed Underground 2, there are some differences from the first game. While the main gameplay is similar, the gameplay is a bit more challenging. The game also has more cutscenes and driving motivation. In Need For Speed Underground 2, players will have to overcome numerous challenges, including the ability to lose a race.

Unlike its predecessor, Need For Speed Underground 2 features open-world gameplay. Players can customize their cars to their own tastes and preferences. Unlike the original Need for Speed, the Need for Speed Underground series has a more urban setting, making it perfect for people who love the street racing genre.

As the player progresses through the game, the story becomes more interesting. The story builds up to the final showdown with Eddie. The game also introduces a female racer named Melissa. The player has a Cingular Wirelessnote phone. In addition, he has access to the Cingular Wirelessnote stores in the City Core and Bayview neighborhoods.

The game also features a comic book-style storyline. This is much better than the live-action cutscenes of Most Wanted. You’ll be able to follow the journey of a rookie racer to stardom. You’ll also be able to hear rival racers speak in outdated slang. This is a novel addition to a racing game today.

Need For Speed Underground 1 is an excellent game for fans of the NFS series. You can enjoy the game’s challenging early-on missions and intense street racing. Whether you’re into racing or chasing down crooks, this game will challenge you and give you many hours of fun.

Need for Speed: Underground

Need For Speed Underground 1 is a racing game with several features that will help you master the game. For example, you can unlock a scripted event by winning specific numbers of races. The game also features an in-game character, Samantha, who helps you along the way. Once you earn enough money to purchase some upgrades for your car, you can upgrade it.

The first Need for Speed game was released in 2003 and featured an open-world city, various race types, and challenging routes. It also introduced the concept of car customization, taking advantage of the tuner car craze. It also featured a popular song library, many licensed cars, and online play.

Underground 2 has 30 cars to unlock, with beginner-friendly tuners and high-speed roaring machines. You can choose from either a fast car, a slow one, or a sports car. The car selection in both games is superb. The first game includes a starter car, a Mazda Miata/MX-5 (NB).

Need for Speed Underground 2 features a comic book-like storyline, far superior to the live-action cutscenes in Most Wanted. The game’s storyline follows a rookie racer’s rise to fame. The storyline is also more interesting than the other Need for Speed games, as rival racers speak slang that isn’t very common anymore. This is a novel feature for a racing game today.

Underground 2 builds up to the final boss, Eddie. Then, a mysterious racer challenges the player to a race. The mysterious racer then reveals themselves to be Melissa. While this game isn’t for the casual gamer, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to become the best racer possible.

Need for Speed: Shift

Need for Speed Underground 1 is a racing video game. You play as a car and can unlock new areas and cars by competing in events. In this game, you can also play as Eddie, a mysterious racer who challenges you to race. You can also refill your nitrous by driving in the opposite traffic lane. There are also some cool import cars you can unlock in the game.

The game has a high level of customization and arcade-style gameplay. The game also has a tremendous free-roam mode and multiple points of view. It is highly recommended for players who like driving simulators. It features high-end cars and realistic track environments.

The game is a reboot of the Need for Speed series, and it features sports cars, import cars, and garage modes. The game also has a storyline and brand-name upgrades for your vehicles. The game takes place in a fictional Olympic city. Players can upgrade their cars and compete against other players.

The Need for Speed series is one of the most popular mainstream games and has been a big hit for both PC and console users. This game introduced the open-world concept to racing games. The underground racing genre had been a big trend in the late 90s, and the series capitalized on it. The game’s open world allows players to freely explore the streets of Bayview, and its various vehicles are highly customizable.

Need for Speed: Nitro

In Need for Speed Underground 1, the car is the NB, a Mazda Miata. This car has the best overall stats. Other vehicles include Skylines, Mustangs, and Supras. The final race in the game is long, five laps around Bellavista, and can take up to ten minutes to complete. Most events are shorter, lasting 3-5 minutes.

In Need for Speed Underground, there are many different ways to customize your car. You can buy aftermarket parts to personalize your vehicle, which gives you a unique look and feel. The game also allows you to create decals on your Nintendo DS. You can also buy upgrades for your cars from tuners.

The game also has several features that will give you a competitive edge and help you get ahead. One of them is a five-second foreshadowing. You can unlock a scripted event by winning a certain number of races. Another cool feature is the ability to unlock cars and items by completing several missions.

The first Need for Speed Underground game introduced street racing extensively. This game featured exotic cars and a garage mode. It was also one of the first racing games to feature an open world. It also featured a storyline. Underground was followed by a sequel in 2004.

Underground also incorporates the race culture into its gameplay, with the player driving a heavily modified Honda Integra R across the neon-drenched Olympic City. The game also offers excellent customization options, with each car receiving a visual coolness rating out of five. The more customization you do, the cooler your vehicle will appear.