Top 5 Amazing Newest Mobile Games

Newest Mobile Games

Currently, there are several newest mobile games out there that will catch your eye. Some of them are League of Legends, Mafia City, Spaceteam, and Dead Cells. Each game has a unique feature that makes it worth trying out.

Dead Cells

Having launched on PC and consoles in 2017, Dead Cells is ready to bring its rogue-lite gameplay to the mobile space and it’s the Newest Mobile Games. It features fast-paced combat, interconnected levels, and branching paths. This rogue-lite game casts players as a reanimated warrior named Beheaded, who tries to escape from a dungeon.

The mobile version of Dead Cells has been recently updated with new biomes, enemies, and skills. In addition, it has added new mutations and skin features. This update also features new weapons and bosses.

Dead Cells is a rogue-lite game that takes players through randomly generated biomes. Players use a variety of weapons to defeat enemies. The game is highly praised for its level design and combat. It features various builds that will keep players coming back for more.

Dead Cells has been receiving updates and add-ons since its release. Motion Twin has always supported the game. The developer recently announced a free Boss Rush update. This will be available to PC and console players later this month. The Boss Rush update features four stages, each with a boss that increases the difficulty.

The new update also adds accessibility features. Players can now record their gameplay at 1080p. The update also adds new weapon animations and damage increases to several weapons.

Guns at Dawn

Developed by Viva Games Studios, Guns at Dawn is an action game focusing on multiplayer gun battles. Players must use all the available weapons to defeat their opponents to survive in the game.

Guns at Dawn features an impressive 3D battleground and deadly weapons. In addition to the normal mode, there is also a master mode. In the master mode, the enemies are more powerful and spawn in more significant numbers. This makes it more difficult to survive.

Guns at Dawn features a multiplayer mode where players can take turns winning against their opponents. Players will compete with an online leaderboard. They must dodge, attack, and shoot using a pistol to survive. In addition to shooting, players can also attack other body parts.

There are ten different pistols to choose from. Each one has a unique operating mechanism and bullet capacity. In addition, players can upgrade each part of the pistol over time.

Guns at Dawn is set in the Wild West. Players have to dodge, shoot, and hide. This game requires skill and practice to survive. You can also compete with other players to increase your world ranking.

Bullet Angel Xshot

Developed by Xshot, Bullet Angel is an FPS mobile game that will not disappoint. The game features impressive graphics, fun modes, and several weapons. It’s also got a unique social system.

Bullet Angel was initially released as a PC game in 2009. But the game has successfully transitioned into mobile. You can play it on your phone, tablet, or PC. The game is available for all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.

The game has all the perks of a modern FPS, including stylish gear and a classic deathmatch mode. There’s also a sniper/melee mode, a Ghost mode, and a team deathmatch mode.

The game also has an image recognition function. This is the best way to identify enemies in the game. But what’s more impressive is that you can also shoot at them.

Aside from the functions mentioned above, the Bullet Angel Xshot mobile game has several other notable features. For instance, it has a multi-drive feature, light RAM usage, and supports multiple game accounts on one PC.

Aside from the graphics, the Bullet Angel Xshot game also has an impressive feature: the Horrific Carnival. You can buy hundreds of skins, shoes, and other items to change your look. The carnival also features dance moves that will restore your health.

Genshin Impact 3rd

Developed by Chinese studio miHoYo, Genshin Impact is the top revenue-generating mobile game in the world. The game is set in the fantasy world of Teyvat, a region composed of seven nations ruled by a different god. The world is populated with supernatural creatures called Archons.

Genshin Impact is an anime-inspired action role-playing game. Players will explore a vast map and uncover the mysteries of the main story. They will find new heroes and characters to join their team as they explore. These characters will grow stronger as the story progresses. They will also have the ability to change characters in dungeons.

Genshin Impact is available in various languages, including simplified Chinese, Korean, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. It is free to play. However, it does not support cloud platforms.

Genshin Impact also supports gamepads on mobile. Players can use a directional joystick and the inventory to store items and clues. It also has a feature that will automatically select upgrade materials for players.

Genshin Impact is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Android. It will also be available on the Nintendo Switch in 2021. It has been ranked number two in the United States and number one in China.


Whether looking for a competitive mobile game or something to entertain your friends and family, Spaceteam is a fun way to spend a few hours. It’s a cooperative game that requires coordination and reading. In the game, players must work together to fix a malfunctioning spaceship.

Spaceteam is a wacky, noisy, and fun party game. The game is free to download and works on iOS and Android devices. In-app purchases are available for various upgrades, including new challenges, a spacesuit, and more. It’s one of the best party games for mobile devices.

Spaceteam can be challenging to play. It requires several players to be online simultaneously, and each player has different controls. There are also some interesting side effects. For example, if you accidentally press control that’s not an instruction, your ship will be rendered inoperable. This is a minor issue, though.

The game also has in-app purchases, including a symbol pack for those who can’t read. You can also enter a friend’s game code against their avatar.

There’s also an Admirals Club, an online game club where members earn special rewards and bonuses.

Mafia City

Despite its prominent mafia theme, Mafia City is a well-developed mobile game that works with most devices. It’s a strategy game requiring a specific skill and attention.

Players can recruit and train their Gang members. They can also invest in resources. The game also features crime, violence, and mayhem. Players can attack rival street gangs. They can also recruit special forces.

Mafia City’s graphics are impressive. The game plays smoothly and doesn’t burn up the phone. The game is free to download and play. However, microtransactions are included in some special quests.

Players can invest in resources and build a mansion. The building can provide various upgrades, which can be used to unlock better stuff. This takes some time, but it’s worth the effort.

The main building is the center of your empire. You can upgrade it by leveling it up. This increases your stats, which are essential in battle. The more upgrades you have, the more powerful evolutions you can unlock.

The game’s marketing campaign was controversial. The posters used the song Pump by Valentino Khan to advertise the game. Some mobile gaming fans took this as an insult.

The game also features a daily skirmish Turf War. The game’s promotional materials included videos of criminal activities.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Developed by Riot Games, League of Legends: Wild Rift is the mobile version of the highly popular PC MOBA. The game features skill-based 5v5 PVP gameplay and a legendary multiplayer battle arena. It is available on iOS and Android.

The game has a responsive twin-stick control system and supports up to five players per side. The game also features item builds, strategic objectives, and a fast-paced matchmaking system.

The game features a streamlined base design, new items, and updated champions. The mobile version of League of Legends is available for iOS and Android. It is free to download and play. However, you will need to buy additional power in items.

Players can choose from various champions, each with unique abilities and a different play style. In the early levels, the winners are weak but can level up quickly as they accumulate items. When they reach level five, they receive their ultimate abilities.

The game’s visuals were remastered from scratch. The map is a shortened version of Summoner’s Rift, the map in the PC version of League of Legends. It supports three lanes, which means you can queue up in groups of three.